Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A-Hole in A Hummer!

Today I had a job in downtown San Francisco, and I parked in the Stockton/Sutter Garage as I often do because it is way cheaper than getting a parking ticket. As I walked to the elevator I spotted a H3 Hummer parked in one of the COMPACT stalls. Now I know an H3 is a smaller version of its military grade big brother, but it is far from being a "compact". The first thought to come to my mind was "What a 'effin A-hole!" The second thought that came to my mind had to do with destruction of private property, malicious mischief, a bit of vandalism and a touch of disorderly conduct thrown in for good measure. I chose to walk away, but not before snapping a photo. The funny thing is there was a true compact, a SmartCar parked to the right of it. I should have got a photo of both of them. DAMN!

I think this picture represents part of what is wrong with so many people these days. A lack of common sense and courtesy. The driver of this vehicle didn't care about anyone else but him/herself. Maybe they didn't see the large COMPACT sign painted on the ground, but with a simple glance as they were walking away, they would have noticed that the vehicle was too wide for the space. And could have moved it to a more appropriate spot. There were more than a few less than 20 feet away. So many drivers park so stupidly it amazes me. They paint lines on the ground to denote the space and so many times they are ignored. This practice is especially annoying on the parallel parking spots along the streets. And often I will be between the lines of my spot and some idiot will park inches behind me which makes it difficult to leave at times, especially if the car in front of you does the same thing. If one person doesn't park correctly it starts a chain reaction and makes it harder for the next person to park or leave. SF DPT is quick to ticket you for an expired meter, too bad they don't focus on proper parking.  FYI, there in no parking enforcement of any kind in the Stockton/Sutter, so there is no need for folks to follow the rules I suppose. OK end of rant!


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Anna MacKinnon said...

Right on~ go get 'em Jon.
Always some flaming A-holes in the world to keep it interesting. Hang on while I consult my DSM-IV manual to see what kind of cukoo bird would do that?